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Hi folks ! Welcome to this blog for and about BELCOIN® products.
We 'd like you to post all your comments, problems, solutions, ideas which you discovered by using BELCOIN® products. We, from our side, will publish relevant information and comments on new hardware, software and/or firmware.
This blog will be made for you and by you !
The basic language for this blog is English which is most common for technical support worldwide, though French and Dutch are possible too !

Power up your FP-004

FP-004 Programmer Posted on 21 Jan, 2016 09:54:09

For updating the FP-004 programmer box with the latest firmware from your PC, you need a 12vDC-1000mA (1A) Regulated Power Adaptor (which is not included) and the following cables :

  • #WEL-RF303 (Sub-D-Connector to PC COM-port)
  • #WEL-RCC42 (to NE77)

Click the white male and female connectors together.

Most recent PC’s do not support SUB-D connectors anymore. In that case you need an USB to Sub-D converting cable, which you can buy in your regular computer store.

Windows users should check the COM port number in their “Control Panel / Systems and Security / Device Manager” That number should correspond with the port number in the FP-004 application.

How to use the FP-004

FP-004 Programmer Posted on 21 Jan, 2016 09:51:49

Download and unzip the software before installing. Use the right looms to connect your hardware.

Open the “ICT” application. Select “Bill-Acceptor”, “NE77”, “FP004” and the COM-port dedicated by device manager. Click “Load File” and select the desired firmware file on your harddisk.

Click “Download” in the left upper corner and select FP-004. The firmware will be programmed in your FP-004 box. Every step is monitored on screen.

Once you succeeded, you can use this box to update all your NE77’s on-site.